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The following preview has been approved for all audiences ... [Nov. 9th, 2009|11:56 pm]
CoX Fan Art and Fan Fiction


From the people that brought you “At the Museum,” “Caught!” and “Just Another Day in Paragon City” …

Epic, dramatic, orchestral Hans Zimmer style music.

Poster-type shots of the Freedom Phalanx, the Young Paragons, the Liberty Alliance.

The voice of Zenith Meridian, solemn, rich with timbre and gravitas: “Our world is one of heroes. Of the struggle to bring law and justice to a troubled society.”

Sweeping aerial pan of Atlas Park, the statues, the skyline, zooming in on the flag waving atop City Hall.

Zenith Meridian, voice-over: “There are some dangers that can be faced.”

Image/video montage: Lord Recluse ranting, Council soldiers in formation, Tyrant Nadir looking malevolent, Countess Crey looking cold, Lord Nemesis addressing his troops.

Zenith Meridian, voice-over: “There are some battles that can be won.”

Image/video montage: The Aspirant taking down a Rikti dropship, Star Amethyst confronting Nightstar, both of them dogfighting the Luftwaffe.

Zenith Meridian, voice-over: “But there are some forces that not even the best heroes can fight forever.”




Then, in the darkness:

A low murmur. “Amelia …”

A soft whisper. “Arthur …”

Closeup of slender fingers smoothing blond hair.

Music again, instrumental, Taylor Swift’s ‘You Belong With Me.’

From-behind shot of a ponytailed girl in a bathroom, slipping out of a purple shirt. Bare, creamy shoulders and thin white silky spaghetti straps.

Arthur: “I, uh, don’t know if … if my mom would be exactly wild about us being, uh, here … like … um … this. You know. Alone. Together.”

Steam-fogged glass door, hissing water, glimpse of a lean, muscular male figure in the shower.

Backlit silhouette of a girl in a doorway. Wearing something satiny, and short.

Amelia: “I’m here. I’m staying.”

The two of them face-to-face, inches apart, laughing … which then turns to a moment of blushing realization and awareness.

Closeup of linked hands, clasping, holding.

Amelia: “We should …”

Arthur: “Yeah.”

Closeup of blue eyes, his, dreamy yet serious.

Closeup of brown eyes, hers, wide and heartfelt.

Arthur: “How does this thing come off, anyway?”

Amelia: “It hooks in the back.”

Rumpled sheets and blankets.

Closeup of him nuzzling the top of her head, laying his cheek against her hair, smiling.

The sound of a gasp, a sigh, a breath. “Oh …”

Darkness. Silence.


An all-new feature-length fic.

Written by Christine, directed by Skystreak.

A Homewrecker Studios production.

Coming soon to a screen near you.